Day one

The day one of the official LIVE PWK OSCP course is here. I was super excited.
We arrived and we were greeted by some nice million page manual printed in color (that was very nice) to a room with other 15 people.
There was no typical introduction (whats your name, where are you from, what do you expect to learn and normal first day questions). Therefore, I dont know much more of my classmates. Ill keep you posted in the next few days about them.

The class started right away. Excepting from some internet speed issues everything went according to the plan.

The class was given by Jim O’Gorman, Benjamin Wilson and Robert Carr. They were super nice. They answer all questions and not were in a moron actitud (that was a nice surprise).

From the begging they told us that this day was going to be below expectation. And… it was like that. I will be updating this review based on the final outcome but yes. This day was very slow.

We talked about

  1. netcat
  2. bash
  3. shells
  4. google hacking
  5. port scan

Nothing wow or new to be honest. The good thing is that i won a Kali usb drive for finding some stuff using google 🙂

Grade 6/10 hopefully it gets better tomorrow.

Day 0

Ben is btw

Day two

The content of this day was way better. It started a little bit slow with nmap and dig. Nothing wow to be honest but it rapidly evolved to buffer overflows. They gave us a machine that was prepared for doing this and the explanations were great.

The instructors were great and super friendly. I am not 100% with the course because we haven’t touch the topic of the exam but the contents is improving. So far this is a good intro hacking course but is not what I intended. I want to know more info of the OSCP. Hopefully they start sharing stuff soon.

Grade 7/10 hopefully it gets better tomorrow.


Edit. I passed on my first attempt 🙂