Yo / Me

Last Job Position: Lead Professional pentester / Lead Ethical hacker.
Company Name: Secura Full-time
Dates Employed: Jan 2020 – Present
Location: Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Last Job Position: Cloud Security Trainer.
Company Name: Secura Full-time
Dates Employed: Oct 2020 – Present
Location: Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

As lead I manage, execute and deliver complex security projects, including reporting and result presentation.
I support activities of other departments such as sales, recruitment and R&D.
Additionally, I am a team lead with activities such as performance management, training, scheduling, mentoring, and career development.
Subject matter expert in Cloud Security with several specific certifications such as Azure security engineer, AWS architect and CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK).

I studied at Queen’s University of Belfast, (Centre for Secure Information Technologies, CSIT) MSc Cyber Security course (GCHQ certified). Previously I was an industrial engineer, with a Masters in Strategic Direction and another one in Financial Administration.

I have also written two books, both with international distribution and I have two international patent applications as the main inventor ( PCT ): PCT/IB2013/000931 and PCT/MX2016/050019.

I have dual citizenship: Spanish and Mexican. I can speak English, Spanish and I understand a little bit of Dutch.


  1. OSCP
  2. MSc Cyber Security with GCHQ Certification
  3. CISM NUMBER: 2159069
  4. CISSP Certificate/ID Number: 591425
  5. Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSKv4)
  6. Azure Security Engineer 500
  7. Azure Security Fundamentals 900
  8. AWS Certified Security Specialist
  9. AWS Certified Solution Architect
  10. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  11. CEH (Certified ethical hacker) ECC56482190264
  12. Certified Red Team Operator
  13. Certified Red Team Professional
  14. Container Security Professional (PACOSP)
  15. Certified Azure red team Profesional
  16. EWPT
  17. ECCPT
  18. Carbon Black response cloud administrator
  19. CompTIA Network+ & Security +
  20. Nexpose Advanced Certified Administrator
  21. Network & Application Assault Certified
  22. Metasploit Pro Certified Specialist
  23. InsightIDR Certified (Incident, detection and response)
  24. Hacker badge in Hack the box
  25. Web Application Penetration Tester (Rapid7)