Day 5

Ok so i finished my course and got my diploma πŸ€“. What did we did today?
We start at 9 am sharp. After doing the CTF for +8 hours yesterday (after midnight) It was a rough day.

They said from the beginning that today was the day of questions but finally they spoke about the exam. They gave us some broad overview and a few tips. They were super careful on not to give too much but the part of the OSCP overview was a part that I really needed. At the end I took their course and not GPEN to be prepare for the OSCP exam.

The explained us hot to do the reports, the grading system etc. This was very important because the OSCP has evolved with time and if you are reading some reviews of 2 or 3 years ago they are not true anymore.

After that we started solving the CTF of one day before. We greatly missed a lot of things and we got some interesting wins.

I asked for some windows enumeration and we talked about that for more than an hour.

At the end we did some very complicated network pivoting.

Grade 9/10 Was a long day but the finally spoke about the OSCP and they answered a bunch of questions of pervious days. That was great.


I enjoyed the course, by times was a little bit basic and in other times was super advanced. I guess that it greatly depends on what you know and do.

I will update this part after I do the Labs and Exam. If i feel that i know what im doing with those the course would have been amazing.


Edit. I passed on my first attempt πŸ™‚